NEW! Razor Wire

Razor Wire has now been added to our already extensive product range.

This razor wire has a galvanised finish and is available in 100m coils and also individual rings - sold in packs of 50.

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Razor Wire

Razor wire, also known as barbed tape, is a type of fencing material that is characterised by sharp, pointed edges arranged at intervals along the strands. It is primarily used for security purposes to deter and prevent unauthorised access to a restricted area. The sharp edges of the razor wire make it difficult for individuals to climb over or pass through without injuring themselves.

Key uses of razor wire include:

Perimeter Security: Razor wire is often installed on fences and walls surrounding military installations, prisons, industrial facilities, and other high-security areas to enhance perimeter security.

Border Control: It is commonly used along national borders to prevent illegal crossings and enhance border security.

Prison Security: Razor wire is extensively used in prisons to deter inmates from attempting to escape.

High-Security Installations: Facilities such as government buildings, power plants, and sensitive research facilities may use razor wire to enhance security measures.

Temporary Security: Razor wire is also used in temporary situations, such as during events, protests, or construction projects, to establish a temporary and effective barrier.

Farms: Razor wire is not as commonly used on farms compared to other types of fencing, but there are instances where it may be employed for specific purposes. Some ways razor wire is used on farms include:

  1. Livestock Security: In areas where there is a significant threat from predators, especially larger ones like wolves or big cats, razor wire may be used in combination with traditional fencing to create a more secure enclosure for livestock. The sharp edges of the razor wire can deter predators from attempting to breach the enclosure.

  2. Crop Protection: In some cases, razor wire might be used to protect crops from large animals or pests. This is more common in regions where the threat of crop damage from wildlife is substantial, and traditional fencing alone may not be sufficient.

  3. Boundary Security: Razor wire may be used on farm boundaries to deter trespassing and unauthorised access. This could be relevant in areas where theft or vandalism is a concern.

It's important to note that the use of razor wire raises concerns about safety and potential injuries. Therefore, its installation and use are typically regulated by local laws and guidelines to minimise the risk of harm to individuals.