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Our History

History of Abacon Products

• 1949 – Jakob commenced working with wire as an apprentice.
• 1961 – Began to produce wire products. Many, of which are still produced and sold today.
• 1970 – Jakob teamed up with his son ‘Jake’ and they started a wire product manufacturing business, located in Fitzroy, Melbourne. (pictured below)

Diversification into chain

• 1980 – Growth required a larger working space. The business moved to larger premises in East Keilor. That additional space allowed for the purchase and installation of the first chain machine.
• 1985 – Growth and expansion continued, and within 5 years an additional 4 machines had been acquired to manufacture additional products, including; jack chains and hanging basket chain sets.
• 1987 – Larger space was needed again. The business moved the chain manufacturing operation to a new larger premises.
• 1990 – Acquired the Able Cooke chain plant, increasing the range dramatically to include knotted (coil), chandelier, picture frame and more jack chains.
• 1993 – A ball chain machine was added to the factory. Began to import selected quality chain from overseas in order to increase range and keep up with demand.
• 1994 – More room was required to house the expanding chain business and once again, the business made the move to a larger premises.

Further Growth

• 1995 – Within less than one year, Abacon Products was outgrowing its premises. Instead of undertaking yet another move, there was a major restructure and disposal of redundant equipment.
• 2001 – A state-of-the-art, complete chain plant was imported from Germany and installed into the factory. A jewellery chain plant was also acquired from Austral Chains based in locally in Melbourne.
• 2010– Jake’s son ‘Michael’, joined the business during the final year of his tertiary studies. The product range was greatly diversified and increased. Abacon Products now manufacture, import and distribute a vast range of commercial, decorative and jewellery chains and accessories throughout Australia.

Post 2010

• The chain business has continued to grow, and additional product ranges added.
•  Diversified into Concrete Reinforcing products and accessories and set up the AbaconREO website.
 E-Commerce website chain.com.au was set up where people can order direct