History of Abacon Products

• 1949 – Jakob commenced working with wire as an apprentice.
• 1961 – Began to produce wire products. Many, of which are still produced and sold today.
• 1970 – Jakob teamed up with his son ‘Jake’ and they started a wire product manufacturing business, located in Fitzroy, Melbourne. (pictured below) 

(moved into their factory in November 1970 and registered the business name March 1971)

Diversification into chain

• 1980 – Growth required a larger working space. The business moved to larger premises in East Keilor. That additional space allowed for the purchase and installation of the first chain machine.
• 1985 – Growth and expansion continued, and within 5 years an additional 4 machines had been acquired to manufacture additional products, including; jack chains and hanging basket chain sets.
• 1987 – Larger space was needed again. The business moved the chain manufacturing operation to a new larger premises.
• 1990 – Acquired the Able Cooke chain plant, increasing the range dramatically to include knotted (coil), chandelier, picture frame and more jack chains.
• 1993 – A ball chain machine was added to the factory. Began to import selected quality chain from overseas in order to increase range and keep up with demand.
• 1994 – More room was required to house the expanding chain business and once again, the business made the move to a larger premises.

Further Growth

• 1995 – Within less than one year, Abacon Products was outgrowing its premises. Instead of undertaking yet another move, there was a major restructure and disposal of redundant equipment.
• 2001 – A state-of-the-art, complete chain plant was imported from Germany and installed into the factory. A jewellery chain plant was also acquired from Austral Chains based locally in Melbourne.

• 2008 - Diversified into Concrete Reinforcing products and accessories and set up the AbaconREO company and website.
• 2010 - Jake’s son ‘Michael’, joined the business after completing his tertiary studies. The product range was greatly diversified and increased. Abacon Products now manufacture, import and distribute a vast range of commercial, decorative and jewellery chains and accessories throughout Australia.

 2010 - Additional wire straightening machines were acquired as this also became an intergeral part of the business. Now straightening wire from 1mm to 12mm in size. 

Post 2010

  2010-2015 - The chain business has continued to grow with additional product ranges added including balustrading, marine fittings and load restraint equipment. 
 2016 - E-Commerce website "chain.com.au" was set up where customers can order online.

 2018 - Due to a large expansion in sales the building next door was purchased to accommodate our ever-increasing product range!

• 2020 - Celebrating 50 Years!!! 

• 2022 - Tube, pipe, fence and gate fittings were added to the range.

• 2023 - Marine safety equipment added to the range.  

• 2024 - A brand new large wire straightening machine was ordered from overseas which straightens wire up to 25mm in diameter. 

During this growth we have also managed to maintain a solid base of manufacturing here in Australia, while sadly most of our competitors have moved to 100% imports many decades ago. We now regularly manufacture approximately ONE MILLION metres of chain per year in Australia, as well as wire clips, nails, hooks, rings and other items for the building, farming, garden and hospitality industry!  

While we have come a long way since our little factory in Fitzroy, we continue to believe in the same 3 principles of "price, quality & service".