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Aluminium Sleeve Swage - 3mm

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Aluminium Sleeve Swage - 3mm

3mm aluminium sleeve swage (also known as aluminium swage) at factory-direct prices.

Qty: 1
Finish: Aluminium
Size: 3mm
Dimensions: 16mm x 9mm x 13mm
Weight: 3 grams

Premium quality aluminium sleeve swages are available in sizes: 3mm, 6mm, 8mm and 12mm.

Sleeves (known also as swages or ferrules) are primarily used to create loop ends on cable assemblies. Use sleeves also to attach two assemblies together. Tip: Don't use an Aluminium Sleeves with Stainless Steel Cable.

Buy aluminium sleeve swages online with delivery Australia wide.

Dispatched from East Keilor, Melbourne. Factory collection available upon request. If you can't find a product call us on +61 3 9331 5544.