D Shackle - Galvanised & Yellow

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D Shackles - Galvanised & Yellow Coated

Galvanised and yellow D shackles, grade S, rated D shackle.

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Galvanised/yellow coat
Grade: S (Rated D Shackle)

• 1/2 Tonne
Rating: 1/2 Tonne (500kg). Size: D: 6mm, shackle: 8mm. Internal Diameter: 13mm x 22mm. Weight: 42 grams.
• 1 Tonne

Rating: 1 Tonne (1000kg). Size: D: 10mm, shackle: 11mm. Internal Diameter: 17mm x 31mm. Weight: 133 grams.

• 2 Tonne
Rating: 2 Tonne (2000kg). Size: D: 13mm, shackle: 16mm. Internal Diameter: 20mm x 40mm. Weight: 280 grams.
• 3.2 Tonne
Rating: 3.2 Tonne (3200kg). Size: D: 18.5mm, shackle: 16mm. Internal Diameter: 28mm x 50mm. Weight: 569 grams.
• 4.7 Tonne
Rating: 4.7 Tonne (4700kg). Size: D: 19mm, shackle: 22mm. Internal Diameter: 31mm x 63mm. Weight: 950 grams.

D shackles are available in a range of sizes and finishes. View the full range.

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