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Offset Crossover (Interclamp Code 161)

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Interclamp Offset Crossover (Code 161)

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Brand: Interclamp®
Interclamp code: 161

| For 27mm Galvanised Pipe | 'a' 31.5mm | 'b' 38mm | Weight: 0.22kg
• B34 | For 34mm Galvanised Pipe | 'a' 38.5mm | 'b' 41mm | Weight: 0.33kg
• C42 | For 42mm Galvanised Pipe | 'a' 46mm | 'b' 49.5mm | Weight: 0.50kg
• D48 | For 48mm Galvanised Pipe | 'a' 51mm | 'b' 55mm | Weight: 0.57kg
• E60 | For 60mm Galvanised Pipe | 'a' 61mm | 'b' 67mm | Weight: 0.89kg
• B34-A27 | For 34mm and 27mm Galvanised Pipe | Weight: 0.28kg
• C42-B34 | For 42mm and 34mm Galvanised Pipe | Weight: 0.4kg
• D48-B34 | For 48mm and 34mm Galvanised Pipe | Weight: 0.44kg
• D48-C42 | For 48mm and 42mm Galvanised Pipe | Weight: 0.54kg
• E60-D48 | For 60mm and 48mm Galvanised Pipe | Weight: 0.74kg

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